Jan 25

Tips to make the user client

One of the key aims in dealing with us as responsible for Marketing Online of a product on the Internet is that users become Web page and navigate in it to become customers.

To make a user is the client have to work several factors: will have to have a website, attract traffic, generate a good online reputation, work our Social Media and loyalty.

According to studies, we have until about 8 seconds to convince the user to remain on the site until you decide to let us.

Elements to take into account to carry out our strategies are:

Approximately 96% of visitors who come to your web site are not willing to buy.
How many more landing pages you have, the more leads will generate.
Product videos can increase purchases of the product by 144%.
A delay of 1 second in your besiege can reduce your conversions by 7%.
A/b testing is becoming the preferred method that has led to many of the most successful companies. (EYE! OK with making them, must not measure them…)

Once clarified these points, let’s start with those actions which improve the conversion:

1 Generate a unique value proposition

The user should see clearly on your website or landing page that reason should establish a business relationship with you and benefit you will get. Each brand must find their advantages and let them clear.

2 User guide

Your website must be accessible, clear and guide the user to the action that you want to meet for example using an effective owner, buttons, banners and graphics

If in our website, we find visitors who “don’t feel comfortable buying a small business (due to lack of confidence almost always)” you released some tips to overcome these difficulties:

Includes a corporate video and how your company.
It includes a banner at the top with customer testimonials.
I gave long have been in business, how many orders you have sent, the rate of satisfaction of the client, etc.

How to know the questions that your clients have?

A certainly excellent channel to do so are social networks. Advantage to serve as an agile way and rapid information of your products or services. It provides information that will help them to convert, it clarifies doubts. Lead them in the proper use of your site.

3 Will test their holders

The holder can endanger a sale, and, sometimes, a web. As we all know, first impressions always count (as in real life) and in the online, the owner of the home that we can quickly access, is key. It is important to try and see what stands out most for your web traffic. There is no magic formula, but there are some guidelines that you can follow.

It can be improved the conversion of its product only to have a title like “30 day free trial of…”. On the other hand, a title that gets worse may be to “See the product…” (speaking of commercial, no informational purpose).

The important part of this is to have the proposal something that benefits the user. “See the product… “no talks about any benefit. They do not give us a reason why we should be interested. It considered the possibility of adding “free trial” in your title and checks the benefit.

More advice: have a title that goes to a “problem” in a given sector improve conversions by 32%. For example, digital marketing you will see success having post related to the measurement of ROI, one of the brands Achilles heels.

4. Short forms

Essential in forms fields must be kept. How many times we were going to let our data to buy or want to inform us of a product and we found missing 25 fields by filling?

There is something with which we can not play on the Internet and that is to respect the time of users. We can not escape leads to include a form on which many times calling for irrelevant data. The more concise form-creation is important, in fact, the majority of conversion experts think that simplicarlos improves conversion.

Even so, always it depends on the type of business. Sometimes, we will inevitably need more data. The important thing, as in any of the above tips is tested over and over again.

The implementation of the online chat, has also shown leads increased by 31%.


Social networks give credibility and give rise to a 144,1% improvement on landing pages.
Include images of real people in your home can have a huge impact on conversions (depending on the sector)
It includes a solution to a problem in a headline, it increases conversions by 31%.
It’s moving your “Buy now” button to see where it becomes better.
You have a site optimized for mobile duplicate conversions.

Jan 25

Tips on how and why to write a Business Plan

Innovate today is the key to success, this evolution has to be structured resources, investment, lines, the vision of a company’s business and the search for the necessary resources.

To find and realize new Marketing initiatives or new lines of business, it is write the correct Business Plan.

A business plan is like a paradoxically infinite Rubik’s cube and defined, consisting of the inventory of all our resources, weaknesses, needs and strengths in pursuit of new goals that acts as a whole in a solid but always “movable” way, is a map that serve to guide your business.

Therefore, it gathers all the information needed to assess a business and General needs to start.

There are many variables to consider to the good writing of a Business Plan, I indicated some basic tips to consider:

Be aware of your current situation, think about the needs of the market, consumers have and about it thinks about how to get to the goal that you set.

What I want to convey? How do I do it? How do I work my message? How can I evaluate results and create new strategies? Help I need and resources already possess?

Leaves for advice by professionals and considers all the technological and non-technological tools you have today and defines every day, your idea.

Keep in mind that depending on the magnitude of the project, the implementation of the plan may lead a few days or several months, since it is not just a matter of writing a document but of imagine and test all logical structure.

They have studied the resources we have and project them to the final objective to assess the results to be obtained to operate on it in a certain way. Define the variables involved in the project and decides the optimal allocation of resources to implement it and the needs that we have.

Depending on the magnitude of the project, the realization of the plan can take a few days or several months, since it is not just a matter of writing a document but of imagine and test all logical structure.

A good business plan should not be limited only to economic calculations and numbers. Quantitative information should be supported by strategic, commercial proposals, operations and human resources.

Write a business plan for then leave it parked is the worst thing we can do. Not only business plan is the realization of an idea that it transforms in benefits but which includes the motivation of entrepreneurs and employees, it is a guide to the evolution of our company.

It starts with your idea and do not worry if you stumble along the way, determination, discipline and consistency always have their compensation, if sometimes you think you’re going down, please clear your goals and learn how to always get up.

Many business plans are drafted and developed mistakenly thinking that it is aimed at a “part” of human resources, managers of different departments.

Nothing further from the truth. By organization and productivity needs everyone in the company has its responsibility and its role, a successful business plan is him which contemplates the participation of all employees.

Whatever its function, an employee satisfied always benefit your business and you will be faithful whenever you need to always remember that every employee is part of a unique project: your business.

In your Business Plan includes training for them, working their emotional participation, listening to their ideas.


When you write your business plan considers that we intend to spread it.

Part of our plan will have to be aimed at advertising and communication with the users.

From customer management systems, management of systems of communication on and offline until natural positioning, services google, Marketing and advertising, social networks, applications and Web services, today Internet offers us a world of possibilities to get there where you want, learn how to use these technologies to your benefit.

Social networks have taught us that learning to talk and above all to listen to is the key so a user know that we care about it and we want to give you what you need.

Intended your efforts to the knowledge, generates much more information possible, take care of your customers / possible customers and captures much more possible users, just so you will know that it is what the user needs and as you present it.

At this point we can ask: do I have to write it if I have clear ideas?

This question left to answer the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), which developed its own guide to develop a business plan. And here he presents the 8 key benefits.

1. Support to clarify and focus the goals and objectives of the business.

2. Help coordinate the different factors of a business that are necessary for success.

3 — Confront ideas with reality because the dynamics of the plan forces to consider all the relevant factors of the business, not to mention none.

4 Is a very useful tool to get the accession of key elements of the business: investors, suppliers, management team, etc.

5. It is a chronogram of activities enabling to coordinate tasks according to a set timetable.

6. It is a tool for the modeling of business which allows to work with flexibility in the Organization, by offering the possibility to make changes when some of the factors of business experience variations.

7 It is an instrument of control that allow to detect deviations from the original plan, as well as to assess the progress of the project and adjust the plan on the basis of partial results.

8 It is a point of reference for future plans of new projects that appear as the business evolves.

It is proven that business with written plans have an increased chance of success. This only justifies the expense and work of drawing this map.