Best Places for Credit Monitoring


I am trying to figure out the difference for Experian vs Equifax because I have been reading about credit scores and I want to figure out which information is most directly important to me at this point in time. At some point in the future, I would like to be in a position to buy a house. I am not sure that will happen any time soon, though because I have had some issues with my credit in the past.

I am hoping that those issues will go away, and that I can get a house at some point in the near future. I know that credit stuff stays on your record for 7 years, and then it goes away. Continue reading

May 22

Creation of companies in Andorra

Creation of companies (2% tax on benefits)

* The registration of companies and tax havens – tax benefits of 2% (376 332 674) *
registration of double taxation-PortugalEl of companies and tax havens. To buy a company in Andorra with the possibility to minimize the taxes to the level of 2% ofincome tax. Businesses in Andorra. Residence “active” with work permit (Comptepropl)

Company formation Andorra

From 2012 non-residents allowed to launch Andorran private companies with equalrights to citizens of the Principality, although the request for undertaking must be firstapproved by the Department of foreign investment. Launched a company mustcomply with the requirements of Ertain. Therefore, due to the existing Governmentpolicy of the preservation of the ecological balance, requests for industrial projectswere reduced in the majority of cases. The amount total of domains of activity, wellreceived by the Government of Andorra, is around 200: trade, tourism, hightechnology, education, construction, etc.

According to the new rules, any person who owns 10% or more of one company hasthe right to claim for “active” or the B category of residence.

It is now possible to register the following institutional types of private enterprises on ofshore Andorra:

1 Society Limited (S.L.)
It is the analog of the limited liability company. This institutional form is appropriatefor small business. Used actively in local commerce and the service industry. €3,000 ofcapital of the Charter for the unregistering of SL is required the final fee for theregistration is 563 euros. Government annual fees make up around 850 euros.

2 Societat Anonima (S.A.)
It is the analog of the company. This institutional form is suitable for large companieswith a large number of shareholders. The capital of the Charter constitutes the 60 000euros. The registration fee is €803 final.

3 andorra collective society

This is the type of the enterprise, where the capital is divided between the partnerswith unlimited liability. The procedures are the same as for S.L. and S.A.
Less popular institutional types of companies:

-Andorra Association
-Andorra Sole Propriatorship
-Andorra branch (a subsidiary of the foreign company that can be launched
only by the insurance companies)
* The initial documents for the registration of the company: *
-The legalised police certificate from the country of birth, the country where thepassport was issued and the country of residence for the moment (where the place ofdomicile was alternating)
-(In case that is not in Andorra) a legalized copy of passport. That can be replaced bythe copy, which was certified by a notary in Andorra.
Draft Charter – company that we are ready to prepare for you according to you, plansand preferences. Learn more about offshore regime effective by phone (376) 332-674
-The certificate of registration of the company with the name of the company
Business plan with a description of the investment and financial strategy forecasts.